Useful International Business Web Sites

Additional International Business Sites:

European Union. The official site of the European Union gives access to press releases; the latest statistics; official documents, legal texts, publications and databases, and sources of information; access to the home pages of the EU institutions; and more. STAT-USA is part of the US Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration, and produces and distributes at a nominal subscription fee the most extensive government-sponsored business, economic, and trade information database in the world today. – For information about the Organization of Economic Cooperation (OECD), associated data for the 29 member countries, and selected articles from the OECD Observer. – The homepage of the Worldbank, with links to various databases. – The homepage of the World Trade Organization (WTO) provides information regarding their operations. For a complete description and history of GATT visit – The homepage of the IMF, provides information about the IMF and international banking and finance. – The homepage of the United Nations. – The Latin America Alliance homepage, for information on Latin America and its countries. – Visit this site for information on the Global Environmental Management Initiative, an organization of 22 US multinational companies dedicated to environmental protection. – The “Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory”, a 7 search engine for environmental subjects. – The “Yahoo! Finance Quotes and Info” – The homepage of the United Nations Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis. – The Web of Culture, an interesting site with information on various cultural traits, gestures, holidays, languages, religion, and so forth. It provides a “question corner” where you can ask about the cultural nuances of a particular nation or ethnic group. – For full text search in issues of American Demographics Magazine and Marketing Tools Magazine. – The homepage of Transparency International, an international organization dedicated to “curb[ing] corruption through international and national coalition encouraging governments to establish and implement effective laws, policies and anti-corruption programmes. Amongst others they publish the Corruption Perception Index that ranks countries by the perceived level of corruption. – The Economist Intelligence Unit, gives instant access to global business intelligence. For instance abstracts of country reports of current political and economic data – Election Notes for current election news from around the world and links to the world’s newspapers. – Political Resources on the Net, for political information from countries throughout the world, including elections, political sites, governments, media, and political parties., – Japan External Trade Organization – World Trade Organization – United Nations – (International Monetary Fund) – World Bank (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), (Statistics of the European Union) – The Economist Intelligence Unit – Euromonitor – United States Government (US Office of documents) – International Trade administration) (US Department of Agriculture) – Statistics Canada – Industry overview, – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade – Export Canada Information Guide

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