Come mettere un database Notes su un CD o DVD?

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What steps are necessary to place a Lotus Notes® database on a CD, DVD, or any read-only media?
1. Open the database and press CTRL+SHIFT+F9. This key combination will refresh all views in the database including open views, hidden views, and private views. It is important to build the view indexes before copying the database to read-only media because if they are not created and stored in the .nsf file prior to transfer, Notes will attempt to create the indexes but won't be able to because it cannot write to the media.

    NOTE: If a view index is not built, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F9 will cause Notes to build the view. If the view is already built, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F9 will cause Notes to update the view, not rebuild it.

2. Create the full-text index for the database if you intend to queue the database using Notes full-text indexing capabilities. You can do this using the File > Full Text Search > Create Index command. This index must be created prior to placing the database on read-only media for the same reason described for view indexes in the step above.

3. Do an operating system level copy (use a DOS or OS/2 copy command) of the .nsf file (and the .ft if you created a full text index) from the writeable media to the read-only media to be used. Be sure that this is an operating system level copy, not a File > Database > Copy from within Notes, since using Notes to copy the database will remove the view indexes.

If you do not follow the above steps, the following error will display when launching the database on the CD or DVD:

    "Cannot write or create file (file or disk is read only)."

To remove the read-only setting, right-click the database icon, remove the read-only checkmark, and be sure to click Apply. If you receive a warning message, click Ignore All. This allows you to read the database without receiving any error message when opening, as long as you did a CTRL+SHIFT+F9 before copying the database.

About Notes/Lotus Domino® 8 releases:
In Notes/Domino 8 and later releases, there is a new On Disk Structure (ODS) of 48. If you upgrade or generate a database using this ODS, you will not be able to open the database in an earlier Notes/Domino 7 or 6.5 release and the following error will display:

    "Invalid nsf"

If you find that an ODS of 48 was used to copy a database to a CD or DVD, Product Development advises that you reverse the ODS to 43 using the "-r" switch, for example, Compact -r acme.nsf

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