Lotus Notes “Check Attachments”

IBM Lotus Domino In which databases are hidden large attachments?
What are the mailboxes with the largest number of large attachments?
Size of messages that pass through our Domino router?
I can tell a user to delete that attachment so much from his mailbox?

These and similar questions are posed to me by some of the managers of information systems that use Lotus Domino: Lotus Domino is accompanied by a number of functions that allow you to better manage e-mail and there are also numerous third-party tools, but the file attached here is a Lotus Notes application that I developed using open source applications, and other parts that I put at your disposal.

The key point is the application “Application Profile” where you have to specify the server and the path on which to search the databases then you will want to scan (to look for in each for any attachments are too large).

If in the domino server is enabled “Message Tracking” is also possible to select the desired date and export  mtstore data in csv format for further analysis later in Excel.

It is important that the user has access as a Manager in each of the files to scan as well as the mtstore.nsf file.

The ui interface is Italian (mostly) but I think sould be easy to translate in other languages.

Download here: [download id=”6″]

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