LotusScript button updates email addresses in Lotus Notes PAB

Qualche giorno fa ho inviato a searchdomino.teachtarget.com una procedura che consente di aggiornare l’indirizzo email memorizzato nella rubrica locale di un client Lotus Notes.

Non me lo aspettavo proprio, ma il “tip” è piaciuto e mi è valso il secondo posto del mese di Gennaio 2009.

Avevo pubblicato la procedura già nel mio sito.

Qui sotto la email con cui mi comunicano che ho vinto “a coveted spot”… checculo !

Congratulations, Filipo!

You have won 2 nd place in SearchDomino.com’s Jan. – March 2009 Tip Contest! Your tip entitled ” LotusScript button updates email addresses in Lotus Notes PAB” was a big hit with our members, experts and editorial staff.  As 2 nd place winner, you have won a coveted spot in our SearchDomino.com Hall of Fame!

Also, we just started a new contest on the site. If you have any other good Notes/Domino tips, tricks, timesavers or code to share, don’t hesitate to send them in. Maybe next time your tip will score first place and the grand prize! Whoever wins the April – June contest will get an awesome Flip Cam.

Well, once again, congratulations! All the Jan – March 2009 tips and winners should be up in the Hall of Fame shortly. Here’s the link to check them out: http://searchdomino.techtarget.com/tipsHallOfFame/0,289489,sid4,00.html

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