Current projects updates

Se riesco vorrei raccontare le novità dell’ultimo periodo su alcuni progetti che riguardano:

  • Zabbix
  • Ibm Xwork server
  • Request tracker
  • LifeRay

Poi qualcosa sull’utilizzo di alcune web application come Trello, Cacoo, Prezi.

Bhe, almeno intanto ho scritto il sommario…

Italian translation for a TeamRoom 8.5.3 XL application (Xpages part)

XpagesFor a customer of mine, I recently worked with the new template TeamRoom 8.5.3 XL available with Lotus® Domino Designer 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 and based on the XPages Extension Library.

I activated the Localitazion options and I translated the Xpages part for the italian language.

Now the application recognizes automatically the italian language (from the web browser settings) either on the web either on mobile devices.

I think the new TeamRoom template is a great application to start workinkg on the XPages, but the localization availability is a must for a real case.

Here the link with the translation and some notes with instructions: [download id=”7″]